Rules of behavior in the tavern HeroesPortal


Behavior and communication rules

  1. We are assembled here to play and to have a rest!
  2. Any curses, obscene and offensive expressions, tactless treatment of inhabitants and threats are forbidden on the Portal.
  3. The managers (moderators, watchers of the tables) keep the benevolent spirit in the forum (Tavern) and if you see a message that insults you, you should not answer to it, but write to gorbik@heroesportal.netor turn to the moderator and this message will be deleted!
  4. If your message was deleted, write to the site managers (to and they will explain you the reasons.
  5. Do not leave messages such as "Where is my message?". They will be deleted from the forum!
  6. The advertisement publication in the Tavern is forbidden. The Magistrate can authorize the publication in exceptional cases. ALL links that don't lead to sections of are considered as advertisement and the permission of the Magistrate is required for their publication.
  7. If you want to speak about a tourney, taking place in your city or on a site, make use of " the Knight's Table". Advertisement is allowed in this section of the forum and players can leave offers to play outside of our Portal.
  8. It is forbidden to discuss bugs, cheat-codes, cracks etc. openly. If we do not use them in tourneys, why should we speak about them at all?
  9. Information from personal correspondence placed in the forum can not be quoted in any mass media, including printed publicity materials, television, radio, electronic edition, network etc., without special permission of the author of the post or the letter, or the Portal administration.
  10. Quoting or retelling of personal letters in the forum, excepting cases of author's consent, is forbidden. Magisters have the right to show correspondence in exceptional cases.
  11. The field subject should correspond to the sense of the content. Explanation of some signs in the field subject: (-) or *NM* - message body misses, (+) - there is a subject prolongation inside. Idle "xxx-sux", "yyy-rules" and "I also think so" are not approved. Any confirmation should be substantiated.
  12. We also ask to observe the subject trend of the forum sections.
  13. Humor improves a man. Stylish behavior and communication skills are the main knight's feature and if it is refined and ironical, you will find a lot of interlocutors and admirers in our Lands.
  14. It is considered a good behavior style to speak to an interlocutor adding his title or his tourney race. It helps our players to feel the spirit of the game and to make a good impression.
  15. If you have some ideas about the tourney improvement, please do not write to the Magistrate at once. Believe - our experience of creation of off-line games is great and our Portal is an outcome of activity of many years and many people. But if you consider your idea great, write to the Tavern and you will be heard!
  16. If you can't choose a table to write your subject, write it at any table! You won't be left alone!

We are assembled here to play and to have a rest!
Let's make our leisure nice!