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Users are not permitted to register more than once. If you need to register with one computer a few nicks, please tell about it to website administrators.

Clicking on 'Continue' button you accept all the terms of the registration agreement.

Registration on the Portal

A registered visitor of the portal is considered to be bound by this agreement and must accept all the aspects of the given agreement. A Portal visitor binds himself to be polite in his (her) communication with the administration and other visitors of the Portal and to observe the rules of the agreement stated below.

  1. It is forbidden for any person to register him/herself twice under different nicks (to register doubles).
  2. Taking part in offline tourney by e-mail Heroes Land, a player have to recognize that the site managers (hereinafter the Magisters) have the full right to send a knight, who does not observe the rules of the Portal, away from Heroes Lands tourneys (to prohibit participation). There will be no indemnification of any means spent by the player on the participation in the tourney.
  3. A player recognizes Magistrate's decisions, directed to offline tourneys and Portal improvements, valid and does not subject them to criticism or doubts (except for cases when the Magistrate appeals the decision).
  4. The Magistrate has the right to cancel any decisions made earlier or to make amendments to the rules during the game. The Magistrate has also the right to confiscate player's property because of a violation of the rules at any moment of the game.
  5. It is CATEGORICALLY forbidden:
    • to correct tourney saves offered for play
    • to use cheat-codes (it is authorized to use legal cheat-codes placed on our site for an elaboration of tactics of map passing, but the save must be sent without interferences).
    • to use bugs of the game for passing the offered saves.

    An action that is not documented by a player during a game is considered a use of bugs and is a subject to punishment.

  6. The Magistrate has the right to demand initial, final and intermediate saves offered for passing and the detailed description of tactics used while passing the game from a player at any moment to verify the fairness of a sent save. If the demanded information is not sent by a player during a week after the magistrate's demand, the player will be declared a cheater, proscribed from the tourney and his user's profile is blocked and put in Tower of shame. If a player sends the detailed description, it will be put in School of Mastery and the player can be awarded for the quality of given descriptions. Keep the intermediate saves of your games - it will facilitate the explanation of tactics of your game.
  7. Fairness of victory saves estimates with the help of programs that allow us to notice any interference in the save or give hints that a player has used cheat-codes or bugs of the game. However, these programs can make mistakes - that's why the Magistrate may also invite independent experts among the players for discussion of fairness of a save sent by a player. The council that estimates the questionable saves is called "Council of Secret Judges". Council of Secret Judges is elected by the managers of off-line tourneys and is not constant. Secret Judges do not know the structure of judiciary board and are bound to make comments on a questionable save. The structure of Council always includes odd quantities of participants to make voting process on questionable saves without disputes. The verdict about the suspiciousness of a save is not to be discussed. This system was developed by the Portal administration in 2000 and proved to be reliable and useful.
  8. The Magistrate does not bear responsibility for any sent or downloaded tourney saves if they do not work at all or work incorrectly on the player's computer.
  9. The Magistrate does not bear responsibility for malfunctions of mail servers and of subscription delivery.
  10. The changes in the Portal rules are discussed in the "Tavern". The voting process on moot questions is also held there.
  11. The Magistrate does not add points for passing tourneys and for maps sent to the Portal to players who did not register.

Remember that it is only a game!

Respect work of the managers considering your saves.

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