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Mermaid tree

- If you plant seeds, the flower will grow. And if you plant a tree, a big tree will grow. But I wonder, what will grow if you plant lady? Sir Paulik asked, sitting one evening in the Tavern. Lady Ara raised her eyes for a moment and answered:
- Mermaid tree will. But the quality of these mermaids depends on the quality of the lady you plant. So you should choose the best lady. After these words she smiled and returned to the parchment with the scheme of new flowerbed.
- Oh, I immediately need a mermaid tree! Exclaimed sir Paulik. I have seen one in the Supreme Magisters garden And he started looking around very suspiciously. After a few minutes he stood up and resolutely went to lady Feeria, who was sitting at the corner table and chatting with her friend, lady Strella. Without saying anything, he took lady and carried her to the door. But of course, his attempt to go through the door with the Dragoness (!) failed, and he stopped for a moment to decide what to do
But at that moment lady Feeria came to herself and exclaimed: - Leave me immediately! Are you crazy? - Sorry, lady, I cant. I cant image my future life without a little pond with a mermaid tree. Sir Paulik was doing on trying to carry the Dragoness through the door. But at last lady got free, and said calmly: - I dont think your life will be long and happy. You tried to use me with your own purpose, and even hadnt asked me, do you know what it means? - But lady - sir Paulik made a step towards lady and tried to catch her again
- Oh dear! Lady Ara finished her work and noticed what was happening. Sir, I have never thought you need a mermaid so much! Leave lady, please, Ill bring you a mermaid from my own reserve! Lady, -- she turned to lady Feeria excuse him, please, he needed the best lady and chose you!
In a few minutes lady sent a mermaid to the sir Pauliks castle (you can find her there now!) and left him to bag Dragoness pardon


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