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An orc in a green cloak where one could read the inscription embroidered in gold was in the room at the very top of " tower of time " of the  Capital of HeroesLand and looked at the huge sand-glass enclosed  in a sophisticated mechanism made by dwarves and spelled by the black dragon  Pool. The sand being there remained approximately for a week and it meant that clock would turn over and the next lap of common tourneys and HeroesLand 3 Royal Games would start.  Besides, it was time to elect again Knights of the Round Table. And though there were many arguments and discontent with this leading body,  life had shown this body to be more useful than harmful, so the Supreme made a decision to introduce amendments into its election rules excluding the point about electing the same knights three times only and he expected paladin Van to be coordinator of the knights of the round table for the fourth time and according to the Orcs plans every elected knight would  receive 300@ per month so that there were less resignations in this body. The elections would begin in a week and it was time for those who wanted and had a rank of Knight and above to declare the election programme in this leading body.   The Orc noted in his note-book not to forget to announce the beginning of this procedure in the tavern. Outside, behind arches of pillars setting off the room, water fell in drops from icicles. The drops sound plunged into meditation about transience of time. The Orc recollected celebration of the 5-th Portal anniversary that had been lately celebrated not only in HeroesLands but also in reality. HeroesLands monsters materialized and met in such cities as Moscow (Russia), Nizhni Novgorod (Russia), and in Kiev (Ukraine), native city of the Orc, there had been a holiday tournament in the internet-club " Virtual Portal " (ph. 572-36-02). The Orc together with the mantis Sombreus had to make a detailed report on these joyful events and he opened again his notebook and noted something there. Soon all HeroesLands inhabitants would be able to read this report after visiting one of the halls of the portal museum called "Portal Events ".
Gorbik breathed in spring but still cool air filling the room and looked down through the arch. There was a trade area where fair was open around the clock.  Monsters of all HeroesLands races scurried about, shouted and praised highly their goods. In the middle of the area there was a wooden stage on which the representatives of the magistrate had made a speech, now near this stage one could see a considerable number of vestiges of fire where monsters breaking HeroesLands rules and not behaving in a chivalrous manner in tourneys had been burnt down.  The Orc was not blood-thirsty but these fire vestiges gladdened him, since they showed the law to be respected and executions to be carried out despite ranks and relations. And for that the Orc was thankful to phoenix Pater Alex. The only thing grieving him was that Pater had decided to leave the magistrate and not to be presenter of Heroes 3 tourneys.  His nerve had failed him and every burnt inhabitant had told upon him with a heavy heart but he could not realize why to break the law to pay for it with life then.  The Pater Alexs place was sure to be taken by  sir Banan and the Orc sincerely hoped that he would conduct HeroesLands 3 tourneys  as impartially as  Sir Pater Alex used to do and that Sir Silver Lynx would write more than one obituary notice although it would be better them to be less. The fact that Sir Pater Alex was going to stay in the team and to help to create "Library" which would contain HeroesLands description and lessons of skills and besides, to be engaged in such a magic as making-up of portal sections but without having magisters rights so that no one could accuse him of preconception.   And again green orcs fingers sank goose-quill into the inkstand tied to his belt. And clumsy lines ran along expensive parchment of the leathern notebook-cover leaving notes and sums in arroba, monetary unit of HeroesLands  Since many new houses and hovels being built inside and outside the towns wall, more and more people wanted to settle down in these lands, the orc was writing about rise in wages up to 2000 @ to presenters of tourneys:  Sir Vadim99 (Heroes 4 tourneys presenter) , Sir Kama (Heroes 2 tourneys presenter and preparing to official magisters inauguration) and Sir Banan (as hes a future Heroes 3 tourneys presenter). More than 50 inhabitants campaign every time and it means that all of them will need assistance in making up initial saves, in turn it means tourneys presenters will be needed more assistants. For example, Sir Sombreus has recently taken Sir Silver Lynx as an assistant and now inhabitants attributes are posted in their much faster. Sir Silver Lynx rank is a junior magister and he receives 500 @ per month. So the Orc has not spared no resources for HeroesLands development.  
Suddenly account calculations of the Orc were interrupted by a hoarse sound of a horn and tramp of a small army entering the gate of  high rampart surrounding HeroesLands Capital. Gorbik saw troops of a king (from such a distance he could not see the coat of arms in warriors shields) with spoils of war of just finished campaign. The Orc smiled, hid his notebook and writing-materials and began to go downstairs on making a decision to gather his troops to campaign conditionally called " Royal Games in HeroesLands2 " by the evening. There was not much time and one had to be in a hurry. The life in HeroesLands was going on.


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