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New maps have been added

We have put the map World war III (H3SD-XL) today in honour of the end of the Second World War, thanks to sir Anklav. We have also added the following maps After the Flood (H4-M) In searches Graal, Flight a dragonfly, (H3SD-M), Paladins of might and magic, Wild Thing (H4GS-L), Pobeg_iz_Acseota, Save_the_vampire (H4GS-M), Elven circle, The queen Destiny and philosophical trap (H4GS-S), Blood_island, Corona, Rivers End, Sunken Empires (H4GS-XL) and a campaign to GS - Zlo_lushka_ili_upoynaya_sila. The section "New maps" will facilitated search of these maps on our Portal

New maps have been added

Today we have added new maps of almost all versions of the game: djekil_map (H2-H2-XL), Choose_Path (H3AB-M), BIP_Budunia in War (H3SD-L), Covetousness, Death all (H3SD-M), Lair of Genterius (H3SD-S), CheckYourLuck 12 (H3SD-XL), Antarktida, Blood Islands (H3WG-L), Gelu vs Drakon, Labirint (H3WG-M), Short Battle (H3WG-S), The World is Not Enophe, WaterWorld (H3WG-XL), The people Griffon (H4GS-M), First trip (H4-S), Association of the barbarians (H4GS-S).
Look for these maps in the section "New maps"

Automatic system of points remittance between Portal visitors has started working

Visitors of the portal can transmit earned points each other since present day. The system HeroesUnion works for you! Remittances are made on the base bearing no interest!
In oder to make a remittance to a player, go to the section "Registration" and enter your login and password to edit the form

Some maps have been added

Today the following maps have been added: Wings of heaven, Deshmach (H3-SD-XL), One for the Record (H3-RO-XL), Conquest Belarus (H3-SD-L) and a renewed campaign Minus One H4-H4-C. The section "New maps" will provide a handy search

Four maps have been added

Today you can find out in the section new maps Small Antells (H4GS-L), Desert war, Wood dead (H4GS-M), Erathia (H4GS-S), The arms ordered (H3SD-L)

Maps have been added

We inform you that portal admin on adding maps have been made. Now your maps will appear on our site more quickly than it was before. The next maps have been added today: Alternative World (H3RE-L), Good & Evil_II (H3SD-XL), Good & Evil_III (H3SD-XL), The last day of death (H3SD-M). As usual, you can find them out in the section New maps

New maps have been added

Several maps have been added after a pause. We have also renewed the maps Keep Hope Alive from the section H4GS-M and Conquest Of Paradise from H3SD-XL. The map Brian's Revenge has been renewed, it is placed in the section H4GS-S. The campaign Raid on Inferno from H3SD-C has also been renewed. You can find out new maps got this week in the section new maps

Our off-line tourney goes on

We continue our off-line tourney. Today new tourneys are open in HeroesLands

The Hall of glory has been renewed today

After the enforced pause caused by host changing, we are glad to welcome you on our Portal! The Hall of glory has been renewed by the last off-line tourney in HeroesLands 3 and in HeroesLands 4

The change of Portal hosting

We are changing hosting for a better access to the Portal. Sorry for some inconveniences, the problem will be soon solved. Team

The thousandth registration on the Portal!

There is a festive event on the portal, the thousandth inhabitant of HeroesLands has registered! Congratulations to "LESSONS OF EVIL", the Portal team wishes him success on tourneys. Celebrate this event with us in the Tavern.

The jubilee map author is rewarded

The jubilee map author (Max Apes from Russia) is rewarded for the thousandth map (Unknown Lands) which we have put on our Portal. We thank the author that he has chosen out map catalogue and we send him a honorary map author's diploma. Later you'll see the report about it in the section "Portal events".

New maps have been added

Last week we got a lot of letters after our dispatch with an invitation to put the maps on our Portal. Today 110 maps for Heroes 4 Heroes 4 The Gathering Storm have been added, you can find them out in the section New maps! Many thanks to the authors who have allowed to place their maps to our catalogue!

The terms of Royal games are prolonged

The terms of Royal games are prolonged on our Off-line tourney. Send your saves Heroes 3 or Heroes 4 by March 3. The results will be shown March 12.

We continue to restore the Portal

Today voting on the page "Off-line tourneys" has neen finished and the property of the off-line tourney on the game version "Heroes 3 the Shadow of Death" have been restored.


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