Airnews, Issue 7


Airnews, Issue 7

(translated by lady Ara and sir Kirinyale Goldfire)

Devoted to Salomeya, my dear friend and companion.

A Short lull in the HeroesLands has been interrupted by the main trouble-maker of all times rust dragoness Salomeya, and as usual it was great. This time lady really was boring without her companion and decided not to console herself with dreams about sleeping kings but to become a pirate and to get married. But so much deeds and decisions resulted in many conflicts and contradictions. First new ladys friends pirates were deciding whether it is worth to share their new boon companion with a green and greedy swamp-liver, so they demanded money for her and even wanted to torture him. And finally the real triller began the bride was kidnapped directly from the wedding by well-known but a bit forgotten evil spirits. But vampire Olgerd and lich Wiach made everybody understand that the youth was too quick with their funeral. Even the main oracle of our inform agency cant predict the end of this story.

But there is not only high life news. The Royal Games have at last finished in HeroesLands 4, so the Magistracy should pay a great piece of money this time. In spite of all Supremes efforts to decrease citizens income, now he has to give away over two dozens of brand new feuds to speedy knights, and its without saying about astronomic amount of arrobas. It seems, the magic of economics is too difficult for orcs.

By the way, about speedy. The non-official tourney carried by sir Twilight has finished and showed the speediest monster in HeroesLands4 sir AlexMag. But the young knight showed himself not only as the speediest but also as the most freakish monster, because firstly refused to follow the rules and tell the shortest mystical way in Circles and Triangles world to the managers. And only after the amount of prize money was stated, the knight decided the game is worth the candle. So we hope the money wont be spent for rum, new shoes or bribes for the judge before getting his explanations  And participants, who have taken the second and the third places have already got their money and special diplomas. The second place is occupied by sir Harvi and sir Zigfreed (it seems hard pirates routine made them closer), and the third was an Ace, sir Vicont. We congratulate the winners.

The royal fight in HeroesLand3, which has been put off for so long time because of disappearing of the main Fruit of Lands, sir Banan, has started at last. Indeed its changed a bit instead of great fights well just have to conquer a shabby region. In return, Supreme himself promised to pay this problem not only with arrobas and feuds but also with some very expensive currency of Other Worlds. The strangest fact is that nobody else has got a chance to getting such pleasure, even knights of HeroesLands2 who are measuring their swords at the moment.

There are not much news from the Magistracy. Either there is really nothing interesting or its a result of absence of a press-secretary there. Moreover, it isnt the only vacancy in the local power. Amount of work is astronomic, for example, the feud maps, which have been a big problem for many months. And it isnt strange, really, nobody will be glad to be accused for topographic dullness. But it was possible, because for a question Can you show you domain on the map, milord?, milord was able only to stand there at a loss, opening his mouth silently like an agonizing fish on a dry shore. So we can only hope that the omnipresent lady Ara wont stop painting the maps. Everything else, that wasnt occupied, is already in her sharp-clawed clutches.

As for the rest, there arent any big changes in the Heroes world this week. Everything is as usually: somebody wants somebodys blood or to be different enemys heads on a silver tray, somebody blames the enemy for using forbidden magic in the battles In a short, everything is as usual in this cruel but maybe wonderful world.

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