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Another big update of section "Maps"!

New maps were added today: 16 maps for HMM1 (5 works of Ururam-Tururam, 11 works of Silver Lynx), Power of Love (H2-XL); Eagle Hunt (H3RE-L); The Evil (H3RE-XL); Queen of the Dammeds (H3AB-S); Atlantia Neo, Clan Wars (H3AB-XL); The Pursuit of Abundance (H3SD-M); The Sinking, War of Avlee and Conflux (H3SD-XL); Fufland, King of the Basilisks (H3WG-L); In search for Atlantida (H3WG-XL); Ace Islands (H4-XL); The land without people (H4GS-M); Adventures of Hero (H4GS-L); Quest for Glory (H4GS-XL); Resident Death, Winter Amusements (H4WW-S); Nezvratny Osud, Sea (H4WW-M); Asgard, Psycho Land, Treasure Hunters (H4WW-L); Strange World (H4WW-XL).

HMM1 map section is open!

On the threshold of our 5th anniversary we grant all Heroes fans the new map section for "Heroes 1 maps".

Portal life

Portal life is running so fast, that sometimes we cannot inform you about all the recent developments in time. Here are some recent news.

More than 140 (!!!) players took part in our recently ended offline tourney discipline - "Landless Tourney", which is the absolute record for any Portal tourney so far. Moreover, in the whole round of tournaments Magisters checked more than 600 submitted saves!!

In the clan "3-d Paladins Gonfalon" stuff changes were made.

We also enhanced the registration scripts - from now you cannot register two users with the same e-mail address. After the registration, user gets a notifying letter, containing an activation code, on his E-Mail (you must open the link to your profile or insert the activation code). The new system should function without interference of administrators.

The section Portal Events has been updated.

We are glad, that you stayed with us and wait you in Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia) on meetings of HeroesPortal community, dedicated to 5-th anniversary of HeroesPortal.

Heroes IV Equilibris moves to new headquarters

The Heroes IV Equilibris project has moved to new headquarters: Update your favorites and visit the new sit - the new version of Equilibris installer (3.51) is available. Right now you don't have to wait for your turn to download it from FilePlanet, so hurry! The action is limited in time:)

Our Portal turns 5!

The meeting of Portal players, dedicated to 5th anniversary of HeroesPortal opening, will be in Moscow (Russia). The players will gather on Tushinskaya street in 14:00. Everybody who want to participate in the meeting should contact sir Dimchipik via e-mail or ICQ (209731155). We remind you, that another meeting will occur simultaneously in Kiev. If you want to ogranize such meeting in your city, inform us - we will contact the players and tell them about the upcoming event. Photo-report of the events is NECESSARY:)

Online tourneys on HeroesPortal

We remind you, that we conduct not only offline but also online tournaments. You can find the information about them here. Not long ago, the online tourney for HMM4 version, directed by sir chekist, has ended. Participants: 1. Sir Pashagreen 2. Sir jeka-t 3. Lady EvilAngelina 4. Sir Logan Warbringer 5. Lady Joann 6. Sir Twilight Knight 7. Sir Pavel-A 8. Sir PavelYa 9. Sir Hobobob 10.Lady Nirvana 11.Sir reptiliya Results of semi-final and final: Sir Hobobob Vs lady EvilAngelina. The lady won. Sir Logan Warbringer Vs lady Nirvana. The sir won. Lady EvilAngelina Vs sir Logan Warbringer. the lady won. Prizes: Lady EvilAngelina - feud in HeroesLands4. Sir Logan Warbringer - 500@.

Huge update of section "Maps"!

A large pack of 45 new maps that we held in our archive during the holidays, were posted today! Here they are: Influence of Evil (H2-M); Six Sins (H2-L); Alive Skeletons, Battle in Hell, Cerbers King, Legends of Greece, Little War, Water (H3SD-S); Duel, Mystery Zodac, Monster Labyrinth, The battle in Chagra, Road of Liberty (H3SD-M); Another Win, Death Breathing, Expedition, Hardly Strung Maze 2, Lands of Shar, Portal Arena, War between the World, War of Ice (H3SD-XL); Artful Map, One Boring Day, Underdogs (H3WG-M); Lord Koscjei, THUNK (H3WG-L); Asia 1.2, Isles of Verdure, Jeden Wygnaniec i Reszta, One Against All, Sixteen Dimensions, The Lost World (H3WG-XL); The Illness of Sir Sombreus (H4-L); A Beautiful Land, La Encrucijada (H4-XL); Ancient Chaos, Ice World (H4GS-XL); Death of Ruler, Temna Budoucnost (H4WW-S); Amelefus, Around the Calendar, Sawarak, Strange Thing Called Love, Town of sport and games (H4WW-L); Gloating Kingdoms, Herenvolk (H4WW-XL).

Happy New - 2005 - Year!

HeroesPortal team greets all the citizens, visitors, heroes, monsters - all our friends who visit this web resource with interest. New Year lottery awaits you, festive mood rules the "Tavern", everybody is ready for the coming of new year, 2005. The departing 2004 year was the fifth year from the official opening of our portal and it is up to you, our visitors, to decide how productive and successful it was. The reports about the events that we conducted in 2004 will be available shortly, and meanwhile our sufficiently grown team greets you with coming of NEW YEAR and wishes you to encounter all possible difficulties like true heroes, overcoming them. Never will a sword tremble in your mighty hand and the magic be with you!

Portal life

Today some of our players met each other in Moscow (Russia). There were two honorable guests there - two HeroesPortal magisters, sirs Pater Alex and Pool. The meeting showed one more time, that this game is just a prelude for real relationships and all those, who came to the meeting, were really satisfied from communicating with each other in real life.We beg you to send us photo reports of these meetings - they will be surely posted in our "Portal Events" section. Right now we're preparing a large report about the events that took place in the passing right away 2004. While we're doing it, we offer you to check the duels'page of our offline tourney "HeroesLands" - the new ones have just been opened.

Huge update of section "Maps"!

New maps and campaign were added today: Battle for @ (H3AB-M); Conquests (H3AB-XL); Bringing Salvation, The Infliction, The Seasons - Summer (H3SD-S); Lost World 3.0, Shadow of War, Worldbreaker (H3SD-M); HeroesLands - Mapmakers (rus. & engl. versions), Summoning Ship (H3SD-L); Arhipelag, The War of Peoples and Orcs, Nexus Polaris, Isles of Illusion, Middle Earth, Time of the Gods (H3SD-XL); Mafia is immortal (H3SD-C); Little Adventure, Personally for Him (H3WG-S); One on One (H3WG-M); Master for WoG 3.57, Pan I Wladca (H3WG-XL); Ascent of Garvant (H4GS-XL); The Gamer Dream, Through the Looking Glass (H4WW-S); Anasazi (H4WW-M); Dimensions (H4WW-XL).

Our Storage is updated

Today our Storage was replenished with new helpful items. First of them is a program called "Hero-recruiting Agent for HMM3", that allows you to automatically and easily "dig" in taverns for the heroes you need. the program will save you a lot of time in our offline tourneys.

The gift from company "Buka" to all the fans of HoMM!

The company Buka prepared a special New Year surprise for all the fans of Heroes of Might & Magic. The series "Golden collection on DVD" are going to be released within two of three weeks and will be available in stores. On one of the disks there will be all Heroes of Might & Magic games and all the addons, ever released and sold, beginning from HoMM1 and ending with the last addon of HoMM4. Also, on this disk there will be other bonuses for HMM fans, including BEST MAPS FROM OUR PORTAL! We selected the best maps from our collection and sent them to company "Buka". A .txt file, containing all the information about it and the name of the author, of course, is attached to each one of the maps, so your legendary nicknames are now a part of HMM history! Post your maps in our maps collection -not only is it prestigious, but it is also profitable, because we are the only HMM-oriented fansite that BUYS your maps, adding our virtual money to your profile.

Tags in user profiles

Today the second "Armageddon" was close like never before. Having taken that onto account, we decided to increase the safety of our users and from now our citizens are allowed to use only these tags for their profiles. We believe in your understanding. We also recommend you to check the appearance of your profile and correct it, if it was damaged.

Map prices change!

Today we finally changed the prices of maps, that our map subscribers send us, getting our virtual money (arrobs) as a reward. You can find the new map prices here. Beware - from now only the maps, that will be considered really worthy of being published in our Maps section, will be accepted.

The new online tourney for HMM3 is open!

The new online tournament for HMM3 is open. Sir Armagedda, who is, as always, the tourney conductor, awaits you. The prices are traditionally granted by portal team.


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