Файлы для Heroes of Might and Magic III (EN)

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Files for Heroes of Might and Magic III

Heroes world physics (reference guide)
Contains properties of the artifacts, units and buildings featured in HoMM III, as well as many other information on game strategy and tactics. Composed in Excel format, updated regularily. Russian language only. You may discuss this file here
AmberSoler Download (975 Kb)

A program for changing object appearances on HoMM 3 maps
Rozhenko Sergey Download (250 Kb)

File to fix the naga bank bug in HMM-3 (AB, SoD)
The archive contains 2 files - crbanks.txt - it fixes the bug, and readme.txt - instructions on installing crbanks.txt
Ghostduh Download (2 Kb)

Utility for renaming HoMM3 savegames
Useful when playing online
Hoher Download (143 Kb)

The accelerator of Heroes 3 animation
It considerably accelerates animation while you fight, a good stuff for professionals. It works under the English version of SoD 3.2. Copy file to directory data.
Download (15 Kb)

Шахтёрский калькулятор для Героев-3
Программа рассчитывает, когда будет достигнуто заданное количество золота, исходя из его текущего количества, ежедневного дохода и числа имеющихся сокровищниц. Кроме того, имеется возможность узнать, сколько золота не хватает сейчас, чтобы "срезать" неделю до вычисленного срока.
ROLpogo Download (211 Kb)

The patch for Heroes III: Shadow of Death ver. 3.0 to ver. 3.2
3DO Download (4.1 Mb)

The patch for Heroes III: Shadow of Death ver. 3.1 to ver. 3.2
3DO Download (3.5 Mb)

Eхе-file for Heroes III: Shadow of Death ver. 3.2 (English)
Place this file to the Heroes III folder (if you want the file can be renamed).
Download (2.7 Mb)

"Hero-recruiting Agent" or HeroDigger-3
Self-extracting archive. "Hero-recruiting Agent" automatically does the "digging" in your tavern for the heroes you need. The current version available is 2.03, but the updates are being released all the time.
ShadeByte Download (0.7 Mb)

Updating of the editor for HMM3: SoD
If somebody creates maps for HMM3 that, probably, this update is useful to you. It concerns at whom is "BUKA Breath of Death" (SoD), but there is no any "Armageddons Blade". The editor of cards{maps} from SoD is good, but has no opportunity to create casual maps. Except for that it is necessary to copy from other maps Conflux and its heroes that is not pleasant. Having taken advantage given utilite, you receive opportunities:
  • to create maps of any version ("Armagedon" inclusive);
  • to generate casual maps (in SoD with Conflux'ом and new portals);
  • to use lock / city Conflux (appears in the list);
  • To use heroes Conflux (appear in the list).
Download (17 Kb)

The utility for copying parts of HMM3-cards with all objects and a relief
ZVS Download (53 Kb)

Necromancer's DOS Navigator v2.11b
Denis Smirnoff aka Necromancer Download (857 Kb)

The calculator of force of your army
Download (393 Kb)

Calculation of points for Heroes III
This program allows to calculate time of map passing to get the points and to receive some other useful information.
It works! :)
The document is for Exсel with the employment of macros (do not disable macros, there are not viruses in it).
WiachMelkor Download (278 Kb)


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