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We celebrated the portal anniversary

How, where and who celebrated that event, you can see later in the section "Events". As a rule, one gives presents on birthday but as this is a Portal birthday, this is a holiday of all visitors of the Portal and we have prepared a present for you. Today off-line tournaments for Heroes 3 and Heroes 4 have been open. The managers of the site continue restoring work of the Portal. While you are playing, we are restoring property lost by technical causes in 2002. If you are bewildered or you have questions, we are waiting for you in the Tavern.

Two new maps were added

There are 2 maps of new add-on for Heroes of Might and Magic IV - The Gathering Storm in the section "New maps". You can vote for these maps and download them here.

New maps have been added today

H3-SD-S Water war, H3-SD-XL Wicth World, Desert war, H4-S On a two. Many thanks to authors for these maps. You can vote for them in the section "New maps".

A new map H4-XL was added

This map will surprise even a skillful player because it contains more than 800 scripts. The authors of this map say that a month was spent on its creation. To my mind, they didn't spend this month in vain! You can find it in no time, having visited the section "New maps". Vote for it, the authors will be glad.

The system of map rating was improved upon

Now you can not only praise maps but also criticize them. We remind you that there will be many competitions with prizes bound up with the section maps on our site this year.

3 new maps were added! Send your maps!

3 maps were added: 2 campaigns for Heroes III "The Shadow of Death" and a map for Heroes II which is titled "Irony of destiny". More detail about it read in the section "Maps".

A map "Only war" H3-SD-M was added

See the section "New maps". We have started to work with data of lost maps. The site administration should look through archive of letters with maps sent since 2000.

We continue to restore the Portal

We have restored the design and added new functions to the sections "Maps" and "Inhabitants".

We welcome you on our Portal in new 2003 year!

We have a New Year present for you. Although we are restoring the section "Maps", we have become to add your sent maps! We have added the following maps: "Crusade2" (H3-SD-XL), "Life or Darkness" (H3-WOG-XL) and a campaign "Kate" including 12 maps to H3-SD.

Happy New Year!

We wish the next year would be better past! Stay with us! The next year promises to be interesting with our Portal! :)

The section "Storage" is restored

The Portal section "Storage" is filled up with a file allowing to make calculations in Heroes IV.

The section "Maps" is restored

Load, send maps and win prizes from our Portal. The section will be modified soon. Write about errors of the section "Maps" to

Glad to welcome you on the rebuilt Portal!

The life goes on, we have changed the portal address and now we welcome visitors speaking English!
Many sections don't work, but they will open soon, the beginning is marked! We invite you to drink in our virtual "Tavern" with the managers of the site!!!
PS. The structure of the Portal is modified, now the enter to the tavern and to the site is united.
You enter into the Tavern under your login (nick) and password.
If you forgot your password, you can fill in a form in the section "Registration" and you will receive it by e-mail.


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