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Clan rules


General regulations

The number of clan participants must be equal to five; clan members can have different ranks, except King. One of the clan members must possess one feud at the minimum in any Lands (magisters feuds are not taken into account).

All clan members obey the clan leader. The rank of the clan leader cannot be lower than a Knight. The clan leader has the following rights and duties:

  • The leader independently of his rank may purchase monsters available for Duke (from the first to the seventh level in HeroesLands 3 and from the first to the fourth level in HeroesLands 4)
  • Only the clan leader can negotiate with the Magistrate.
  • The clan leader regulates Clan Rules and he has the right to admit or expel its members.

Clan members

  • A person who has joined a clan enters into an alliance with its members automatically, that means clan members cannot challenge each other to a duel.
  • Clan members can exchange feuds freely, although exchange of feuds cannot contradict conditions of main tourney rules, it means that feud transmission to another player must not lead to transition of the player having transferred a feud from High to Common league. Thus, a clan member having 1 or 5 feuds (without taking account a magister's feud, if he's a magister) can't transfer any feud to other clan members.
  • Clan feuds can be given or devolved to members of this clan if clan Rules allow it. But a member giving a feud can't pass from High to Common league or become a landless knight, only if he's leaving the Portal officially.

Clan registration

To register a clan you should:

  • Create the Rules reflecting the policy of the clan in Russian and English (the description must correspond to the game's spirit).
  • Make a clan badge of any form of 100x100 pixels and its diminished copy 25x25 pixels. Both pictures are to be in gif format. This emblem will show belonging to a clan on the Portal.
  • Attach these records with a list of clan members and send them to the Magistrate:
    • policy.txt - rules in Russian;
    • policy_eng.txt - rules in English;
    • 100.gif - 100*100 clan emblem;
    • 25.gif - 25*25 clan emblem;
    • info.txt - the clan name in Russian and English and clan membership (Leader is first in the list): player's nickname, player's status in the clan, link to the player's profile.

Sent records are examined and in case of their conformity with all requirements, a new clan registers within 2 weeks.

The clan registration requires payment of 2000@. The clan leader must have this sum which is deducted in case of successful registration.


If all clan members lose their feuds, the clan terminates its existence and it is considered fallen.

A player gets extra 1000 arroba (@) if he challenged a clan member to a duel, won it and the clan terminated its existence in consequence of it.

Clan members cannot refuse a challenge to a duel. Exception - a magister who has one feud in HeroesLands where he was challenged. If a clan member is not able to participate in a duel, another clan participant must accept this challenge.

Clan War

A clan has the right to declare war to another clan.

The Magistrate and leaders of 2 clans decide how many feuds from each clan will be set on Clan War. After defeat of a clan, the winningside gets the feuds. If Leaders are not able to come to an agreement about bet amount, the Magistrate accepts minimum proposed bet.

Before war beginning, all participants are broken up into pairs by clans Leaders (leaders must fight each other). Then the Leaders inform the Magistrate about this division.

Each pair of participants of Clan War is sent out the same starting saves without monsters, artifacts and mines. Saves can be different for different pairs of participants, but all saves are made on a map.

After going through the save, the participants of Clan War send their saves to the Magistrate. Saves must be sent out before deadline.

Final saves of each pair of duelists are appreciated by rules of Blitz League, i.e. the winner in each pair is a player who went through the save for less days. If the number of days is equal, wins the player who has more points, if the duelists have the same number of days and points, there is a draw in this pair.

The clan whose members gain more victories wins in clan war. If the number of victories is equal for each part, wins the clan whose leader gained a victory over his opponent. If the leaders have the same results, the draw is declared in Clan War, but amount of feuds in the fighting clans does not change.


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