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Charter of the clan
1.1. To the glory of the Gods of the World of Heroes of Might and Magic, in day 14, the evening of the Sunday of October 2018, the Clan was founded, in accordance with the Law of the Portal of Heroes on Clans.

2. The founders, meeting under the rising new month, lit a ritual bonfire and saw themselves in its light. So the clan was laid.

3. The members of the clan:

- sir Zlatovlas - Archmage, Leader of the Clan.

- S.E.T. - Black Dragon, military and diplomatic adviser to His Darkestry Lord of the Deepest Dungeons. Head of foreign scouting and counterintelligence Clan.

- sir Mullich - Shooter, Diplomat of theClan.

- sir Jelo - Champion, Treasurer of the Clan.

- sir Dmytro - Archmage, Chronicler of the Clan.

4. After praising the Gods and having pacified the shedding of ritual potion, having looked around inside and around him, the Founders called the Clan the proud and invincible name "Flame".

5. The slogan of the clan was chosen as such: "The flame is warming. The flame is burning."

Clan creation goals:

- Increase the welfare and expansion of the gaming capabilities of clan members at the expense of clan privileges;

- Active participation in various events occurring on the Portal.

6. Interior Clan policy.

Each of the members of the clan has the right to assist him - resources, troops or good helpful advice.

Decisions in the clan, whether organizational or military, are made together through negotiations and the search for compromises.

The clan leader may be re-elected on the ballot. The required number of votes for the new clan leader is 3 or more.

The composition of the clan may be changed if at least 4 of its members vote for a change in the composition.

7. Foreign Clan policy.

Profile land clan - Third.

Clan members protect fair and open tournament battles, support players with similar views.

An additional task of Clan members is to find and / or attempt to correct various imbalances in the existing rules of the Portal.

8. Clans Economy

Members of the clan have the right to ask to rent from the clan members any property necessary for a particular tournament, including feuds, if this is necessary for business.

Members of the clan have the right to dispose of their personal property independently (renting property to other players, gifts / transfers in the form of property or angels of well-being). However, excessive and unjustified waste of property is condemned (up to exclusion from the clan with chronic wastes on a particularly large scale).

The clan's council has the right to raise questions about the most beneficial use of the mines available to the clan members for the clan, as well as to make devious plans to capture new mines in current tournaments.

9. The conditions of the dissolution of the Clan

1) Due to the loss of all its feuds by the Clan.

2) By decision of the Council of the clan (4 votes out of 5)

3) By the direct order of the Gods of the Heroes Lands or the Magistrate of the Portal of the same Heroes. This charter is mandatory for all members of the Clan, and everyone swears to execute it, until the decision of the Clans Council cancels this charter and adopts a new one.


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