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The results of the second tournament in a browser game Heroes of might and magic III

Today announced the results of the second tournament in a browser game Heroes of might and magic III. The results look here. Solved 33 people. Preparation for the next tournament.

New maps!

There has been a regular update of our section "Maps"
Dead & Buried (H2-S)
Auger v.2.0 (H3SD-M)
First Blood 2.5 (H3SD-XL)
Lyramion (H3SD-XL)
Purge (H3SD-M)
Real Tournament 2012-2015 (H3SD-S)
Two Triangles (H3SD-XL)
Two Triangles Allied (H3SD-XL)
Dense thicket (H3SD-XL)
World of Thieves H3SD-M)
A Cruise (H3SD-L)
Wyspy (H3SD-M )
Download them from our section New Maps.

Patch 1.2 now available

Hello Heroes,

Today we are pleased to announce you the immediate availability of the patch 1.2 for Might & Magic Heroes VII.

Downloading this new update should be automatic on both Uplay and Steam.

We highly recommend you to make sure that your Uplay launcher is set to online mode in order to download this patch. To ensure that your game is up-to-date, you can check the revision number displayed on the title main screen.

Patch 1.2
This first update offers an overall solution regarding game blockers and other critical issues identified.

Patch 1.2 full release note is available at the end of this article. Please find below a quick recap of its content. Patch 1.2, main points, non-exhaustive list:

Fixed Campaign & Scenario Maps walkthrough blockers
Improved AI speed and decision making process
Improved global compatibility and performances of the game
Fixed Load, Save & Autosave corruptions in various circumstances
Fixed Skills and Abilities effects and values
Many bug and glitch fixes
Improved multiplayer experience and stability
Improved Map editor feature and fixes
Improved Localization in various languages

Before going through the extensive list of fixes and improvements provided with this new update, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you our general impressions since the release of Heroes VII and answer some of your questions.

Some thoughts from the development team
While weve put all our passion and efforts working on this game, some critical issues escaped our attention, and we would like today to thank you for your intense feedback. Receiving your input greatly helped us to prepare this first patch and we encourage you to keep on sharing your detailed impressions on the game. This patch has been finalized this morning and the top priority for us was to release it as soon as it was approved.

Next steps This patch is the first one in our list. Be sure that we will continue to provide new fixes in the upcoming weeks to make sure that the game meets your expectations in terms of quality. We still have many things to improve over the next patch. Multiplayer and balancing will be among them.

Moreover, free content updates will also be available, with the first campaign of the Lost Tales of Axeoth to be released at the end of 2015, and the second one early next year. We will also provide support for the map editor through dedicated tutorials and the best community creations will be highlighted.

32 bit OS compatibility and memory optimization also are on our task list and we will continue to improve performances.

Thank you very much for your support, Heroes, please let us know what you think about this new patch and keep on sharing feedback in the forums!

Day one Version - Release note Heroes 7

Hi Councillors,

And here we are. Heroes 7 is now released into the wild and we hope you will enjoy it. We cant wait to read your feedback!

The paint is still fresh and there are a couple of screws that need to be tightened here and there, but the ride should be smooth for everyone.

/!\ AN IMPORTANT REMINDER /!\ If you are a disc owner, please make sure to download the mandatory day-1 patch. We know it is a big one, but it is very important you install it. We promise, it is worth the effort.

The game overall is in great shape, but we still have some issues for you to note:

- Single Player:

A couple of load/save issues on a few specific campaign maps, with some events not triggering if you load an autosave file at a specific timing. Nothing major, usually you just need to reload a previous file to work around it
On the Yeshtars Promise scenario map, the final text box is not properly triggered after completing the map.
AI Shooters tend to use Defend instead of their melee weapons when a unit is close to them.

- Multiplayer

Some desync persists in Duel and Skirmish on combat map
Title might crash when the AI defeats one of the human players while he is allied with another human player

- 32 bit version:

This only applies to Windows 7 32 bits users. We have a last minute issue on this version that prevents us to release it alongside the 64 bits version. It will be released a bit later after launch. We apologize for this inconvenience. If thats an issue for you and you need to reconsider you purchase, please contact support which will get you sorted.

- Windows 10:

As for Closed Beta 1 and 2, Windows 10 is not yet officially supported. It might work on your PC (it already runs great on our side with this OS), but we cant guarantee this at the moment for everyone. It is at your own risk. We will work on the Windows 10 support during the post launch of the game.

The full list of the most important known issues is available here. Those will be addressed during post launch.

Once again, your feedback is super important. So please do report your issues and your bugs to our support team. They do forward those to us and our QC team. And of course, forums and the Shadow Council are a good place to report them as well.

Please remember we are committed to the long run for this game. Which means updates and free content will arrive over the next few months. We have already a first patch in the pipe-line that should reach you very soon ;)

Have fun Councillors, and see you on the battlefields of Ashan!

This time the Portal also features special prizes for the winners!

The 1st place is rewarded with "Amulet of Mana" (based on "Heroes of Might and Magic III" concept).
The 2nd place is rewarded with a 20% discount in online store
The 3rd place is rewarded with a 10% discount for the same online store.
Also, all participants receive an additional 5% discount in the same store during the tournament dates!

Tournament rules:

The victory condition is to obtain the required number of Archmages as soon as possible. The least number of days spent is rewarded with the 1st place reward.
The victory criterion (in case of the same number of days featured by several participants) is the sum of Primary Stats of the player's most experienced hero with all artifacts worn. Feuds and Mines can be won in this tourney as well, like in other tourneys. Maximum in-game time is limited by 300 days.
Current version of the Heroes 3:HotA expansion featured in this tourney is 1.3.8. Please don't update HotA version in case of next available update before sending the final savegame! The starting savegame is created on the Russian version of HotA.

It is highly recommended to launch the game via HD Mod (with the 32 bit True color settings) to prevent game crashes during the end-turn phase and other troubles which may happen without using HD Mod!
The participant must be registered on so his nickname will be available to put into " " and awarded with additional rewards and internal insignia (inner currency: arroba - @, Feuds, Mines, etc.)
Final savegames must be sent to the Tournament Master of Horn of the Abyss tourneys (sir Ermelloth) via
The tournament can be discussed there: Official HotA Tournaments thread.
Good luck to all participants!

We want to invite you on our off-line tournament, come and participate!

Especially now, when the joust in the lands of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is coming! Here you can see list of tournaments which were opened in other version of game, including on-line tournaments.   If you have any questions, mail us

New maps!

There has been a regular update of our section "Maps":
A'Grhag Keep (by G Cork) H2-S
A Piece Of Pie (by Wade Hollenbach) H2-L
Abode of Evil (by Timothy Duncan) H2-M
Abyss H2-XL
Achenar (by Drahkz Hildifons) H2-XL
Act1 Scene1 H2-M
Adventures (by Patrick Wright) H2-XL
Aging Men (by Zwarte Kat) H2-XL
AirWars H2-M
Airy H2-M
Alexandria H2-S

New maps!

There has been a regular update of our section "Maps":
Disruption (by wojtas4545) H3HA-L
Impact 2x3x3 (by Bodek) H3HA-G
Magnificent Signs (by Bozo Banovic) H3HA-XL
Melzekiels Forest (by Bozo Banovic) H3HA-XL
River of the Eternal War (by Andrzej) H3HA-S
Sea War (by Adam Kuti) H3HA-S
Subterrain River (by Andrzej) H3HA-S
The Gate (by Matthew x Herberts) H3HA-M
War of Conflux (by Gerla02) H3HA-XL
War of Worlds (by Matthew x Herberts) H3HA-G
Wojna o wolnosc (by gerla02) H3HA-S
Eternal Glory (by Bozo Banovic) H3HA-XL

New maps!

There has been a regular update of our section "Maps":
3 Continents H2-XL
4 mal Blutzeit H2-XL
4 Tears H2-XL
4 Warlords H2-L
5th Horseman H2-XL
6 Roads to Hell H2-M
7 Cities of Gold H2-L
A-MAZE-ing H2-L
! H2-XL
100 Years War H2-XL
2 Kingdoms H2-S
2nde Jeunesse H2-L

Viam supervadet vadens, or to success by leaps and bounds

Following the major update of About Us section, which represents the current list of all the Magisters with full description of their duties and positions, we updated this section in English part of the Tavern as well.

We also inform you that the clan "Sparks in the Night" has been officially disbanded due to one of its participants, namely Sir Brennan, was blocked. In near future we hope to present you a new design of Clans section, where you would be able to see not only the active clans, but also the disbanded ones.

About Us

Sirs krag hak, Zoltan, Metatron and Werky left our team for good and all. The latter promised to help Portal development, but not as actively as before. We officially recruited sir AlexandrScherbakov as a new Web pages layout editor. Also, in near future we hope to recruit another programmer, who will help us developing HeroesPortal further. For now, we have two more vacancies: Heroes 1 and Heroes 5 offline tournaments' managers. Read more here:

We fully updated "About Us" section. We are in a need of active and dynamic Heroes 1 and Heroes 5 offline tournaments' managers. If you are ready to join HeroesPortal team for fulfilling these duties, send us a mail to

New maps!

There has been a regular update of our section "Maps":Flame of Vengeance (Revenge) H5HF-C, 566 year - The Day of Fiery Tears (H5TE-C), Bardir pa farten (H5TE-C); Dragon Wisdom H5TE-C; Zinqu H5TE-C; Arena H4WW-S; King Drevlepuschi (H4WW-L); Divided country (by Leandra) H6SD-H.


Maps on Portal